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Wanchai Hash (or WH3) was founded on 10 April 1988 and is the youngest of the 8 weekly Hash House Harrier (H3) groups in Hong Kong. We are a non-competitive fun running club with over 100 regular attendees. New runners as well as visiting hashers are always very welcome. For those not familiar with Hashing more information can be found in the "What is Hashing?" section. Suffice to say it is a great way to get some exercise, see parts of Hong Kong you might otherwise never see and have a great deal of fun at the same time. You do not need to be a good runner to "hash" (or fit for that matter). We have hashers of all ages, shapes and sizes. Some walk the trail while others are in training for the next 'event'. Simply turn up on a Sunday or contact the Mismanagement Committee for more info. See you on trail soon. On On.

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The Hare-Raiser is taking dates for the 2020-21 AGM year.
If you want to set a run contact the Hare-Raiser or talk to them at the next run.
To find out which dates are still available see the Hareline.

A little bit of history...

This image of the Run #69 shirt was recently sent to us by Blow Chuck from Vancouver. 

In their own words "We were June 4 refugee English teacher travellers who had to evacuate China and somehow landed  at The Wanch.
We soon were loyal WH3 participants until we returned to China that fall."

Run #69 ~ 23 July 1989 ~ Kowloon Reservoir ~ Hared by Gerry Hibbert and Dave Cowe

Next Free China Hash

For more details, check the Free China Hash page of this website

Next HK Friday Hash

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T8 Hashing

During typhoon season, keep up-to-date with T8 hashing on the T8 Hash page.


John "Captain Pubic Hair" McKinven

495 Runs and 39 Harings

Passed away on 18 July 2020

For more information see the RIP page

WH3 2020 AGM & After Party

This took place on Sunday, 28-June

The AGM & on-site Bash took place at Wan Chai Park, with the After Party at Amazonia

2020 AGM Pics

coming soon


Alex "Bouncing Bombers" Horspool (née Slinger)

GM 2000-01

Passed away on 23 October 2019

WH3 Red Dress Run 2019

This took place on Sunday, **-***

2019 AGM Pics


WH3 2019 AGM & Bols-Up Party

This took place on Sunday, 05-May

The Bols Up Party was combined with the Bash and took place at the HK Aviation Club

WH3 Red Dress Run 2018

This took place on Sunday, 28-Oct

Funds raised on the day were donated to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

30th Anniversary / 2018 AGM Pics


WH3 Pre 30th Anniversary / 2018 AGM Bols Up Pics

WH3 Pre 30th Anniversary / 2018 AGM Bols-Up

WH3 30th Anniversary / 2018 AGM

This took place on Sunday, 15 April (2018).
WH3 co-founder Dances With Dogs returned to Hong Kong to hare a repeat of Run #1.

WH3 Pre 30th Anniversary / 2018 AGM Bols-Up Party

This took place on Saturday, 14 April (2018).

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This took place on Sunday, 22-Oct

Funds raised on the day were donated to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

WH3 Pre Post-2017 AGM Bols-Up Party Pics

2017 Mr WP & Bols-Up

WH3 Pre Post-2017 AGM Bols-Up Party

This took place on Saturday, 13-May @ Carnegies

WH3 2017 AGM Pics

WH3 1571 - 30 Apr 17 - Man Kuk Lane Park - 2017 AGM

WH3 2017 AGM - Man Kuk Lane Park

WH3 2016-17 AGM Run

The 2016-17 AGM was held on Sunday, 30 April (2017).

1988-89 WH3 AGM Magazine

The very first AGM magazine was recently rediscovered.


Jane "Super Susu" Villaver

GM 2011-12

Passed away on 28 November 2016

Golden Bogseat Challenge

The Golden Bogseat Challenge took place on 13 November.
This is a joint run with Sek Kong Hash House Harriers.
During the circle there are various games to see who takes home the bogseat.
Wanchai Hash lost the deciding Tug-of-War and were awarded the Bog Seat.

Red Dress Halloween Run

The annual Red Dress Halloween Run took place on 30 October at Tamar Park.

WH3 2015-16 AGM Run

This took place on Sunday, 08 May (2016).

WH3 Pre-AGM Bols-Up Party

This took place on Saturday, 07 May 2016 @ LA Cafe

WH3 28th Anniversary Run

This took place on Sunday, 10 April 2016
run # 1516, in the year 15-16
[run 1 : 10-Apr-88]
It also coincided with the annual HK 7's run.

WH3 Committee 2020-21

GM - Java Jugs
AGM - Fuzzy Wuzzy + Telecum
RA - Dogshit
Hash Cash - Marie go Down + Timits
Hair-Raiser - Who the F*ck is Christine ?
Scribe - Fanny Sniffer + Hopeless + Lost In Space + Lost In Translation
Stash - Barely Legal + Minja Turtle
Flash - Butterfly + Hanky Panky + It's About Time
Horn - x
Nurse - x
On sec / Web - Caligula

Check them out on the Mismanagement page.


Videos of some old WH3 runs are appearing on YouTube. Check them out...

WH3 Run 350
(September 1994)
WH3 Run 387
(Motormouth's AGM run 1995)
WH3 Run 491
(Sunset on the Empire Hash - Sat)
WH3 Run 492
(Sunset on the Empire Hash - Sun)

Santa Hash 2014

Santa Hash 2014 was organised by WH3 and took place on Sunday, 07-December.
Final numbers are being calculated but it looks like over HK$70,000 was raised.
Well done & thank you to all those involved and in attendance.
For more information check out...



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