Hash Weddings

With Wanchai Hash forming to try and get more Asian girls hashing in Hong Kong this clearly has it's knock-on effect. The following is a list of those we can remember meeting on a WH3 trail and later getting married. We are sure there will be those that we have missed so if you have an update for us please let us know and we will add their names.

? & ?
Mr Stuart Northrop
(Tequila F*ckwit)
& Ms Elsa Lapena
(Will Not Come)
Mr Neil McKay
& Ms Jonelyn Mangiliman
(Lesbian Buttslap)
Mr John McKinven
(Captain Pubic Hair)
& Ms Josephine Diaz
(Easy Over)
Mr Russell Williams
(Bone Crusher)
& Ms Emma Mabana
(Bone Muncher)
Mr Michael Cooke
(Pink Poofter)
& Ms Grace Balintong
(Hash Bike)
Mr Deric Probst-Wallace
(Haggis Humper)
& Ms Josephine Burgos
(Rawhide / Chuck)
Mr Mike Weekes
& Ms Malou Dancel
Mr Ian Nicholson
(Burl Ives)
& Ms Usanee
(Misuse Me)
Mr Nick Axiotes
& Ms Susan Padua
Mr Scott Bennett
(Shut the F*ck Up)
& Ms Joy Matusalem
(Six Times A Night)
Mr Jonathan Clarke
(Spit or Swallow)
& Ms Rosemarie Ebora
(Always Swallows)
Mr Ron Daniels
(Perfumed Poofta)
& Ms Mercy Pama
Mr Paul Hitchcok
(Septic W*nk)
& Ms Karen Nanquil
Mr Chris Crowe
& Ms Mandy Law
(Fly Me)
Mr Eric Lebail
& Ms Lani Rido
(French Kiss)
Mr Johnny Morris
(Animal Magic)
Ms Merly Ferrer
(Jolly Bee)
Mr Bryan Bailey
& Ms Venus Shum
(Madam Butterfly)
Mr Alistair Farr
& Ms Elma Peso
Mr Andrew Horspool
(Beer C*nt)
& Ms Alex Slinger
(Bouncing Bombers)
Mr Eddie Deane
(Fuck Face)
& Ms Myla Villalobos
Mr Steve Page
(Fetus F*cker)
& Ms Brita Glanert-Jones
(Breast Refreshment)
Mr Kerry Fraser
(Moose Mounter)
& Ms Donna Lee
Mr Tim Bywater-Lees
(Gatteling Gob)
& Ms May Sunga
(She May Lay)
Mr Colin Robson
& Ms Julie Ronquillio
(Wet One)
Mr Mike Crosland
(Too F*cking Boring)
& Ms Veronica Dilem
Mr Paul Roebuck
(Horny Ram)
& Ms Amy Lusanta
(Horny Lamb)
Mr Richard Silkstone
(Fat Ugly Bastard)
& Ms Grace Rante
(Randy Grace)
Mr Peter Merz
(Short Cumming)
& Ms Arlene Labios
(Come Again)
Mr Iain Davidson
& Ms Stella Ching
(Eskimo Nell)
Mr Derek Dixon
(Dribble Dick)
& Ms Grace Mosuela
(Amazing Grace)
Mr Howard McKay
(Dances With Dogs)
& Ms Lisa Villaneuva
Mr Neil Thomasson
(Fanny Sniffer)
& Ms Kimi Ozawa
(Mother of Little Einstein)
Mr Hugh McNally
& Ms Fely Despo
Mr Dave Barker
& Ms Emma Entira
Mr Daniel Hess
& Ms Flora Fung
(Spreads Easy)
Mr Tymon Mellor
& Ms Fay Ronquillio
Mr Lance Robertson
& Ms Nita Cabauatan
(Fish 'n Chips / Lances Lot)
Mr Gerry Hibbert
& Ms Precil Lamberte
(Baa Baa)
John Tyler
(Nancy Boy)
& Ms Barbara Johnson
Mr Chris Morris & Ms Rachel Craddock
(Fat Slag)
Mr Chris Cooney
& Ms Anita Sison
(Lovebite / Double Down Down My)
Mr Charlie Scrimgeour
& Ms Charlotte Cheung
Mr Steve Brown & Ms Helen Rigonan
Mr Kevin Gallagher
(Pom Pom)
& Ms Liz Stewart
Mr Ron Clark
(Mickey Mouse)
& Ms Thelma Zarate
(Donald Duck)
Mr Earle Green & Ms Beth Pascual
Mr Bob Day
& Ms Ellan Miralles
(Deep Throat)
Mr Alan Denby
& Ms Ianthe Ross
(Dragon Lady)
Mr Rowland Hastings
(Thunder Balls)
& Ms Nora Fonnaton
Mr Mark Willis
(Mr Noisy)
& Ms Linda Cheung
Mr Tony Caplan
& Ms Cory Adagas
Mr Jim Kane
& Ms Nida Bennito
Mr Steve Huggins & Ms Mina Reyes
Mr Dennis Alcock
(Dirty Den)
& Ms Anita Khemlani
(Gargantuan Gob)
Mr Jens Behrens
(Herr Focker)
& Ms Cindy Ng
(Skin Tight)
Mr Tony Rogers
& Ms Gigie Torcuato
Mr Ian Pawlik
& Ms Agnes Corcolon
(Ag the Nag)