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Remembering those that have run their last trail...

Jane "Super  Susu" Villaver

Passed away on 28 November 2016 back home in the Philippines with her family.
Having recovered from cancer once she went into remission earlier in the year.

Super Susu began hashing with WH3 at run 1211 on 06 June 2010 and has 84 runs and 4 harings recorded.
She she was also the WH3 Grand Mattress in 2011-12.

Her last trail was run 1501 on 27 December 2015.

Dave "Obelix" Murrell

Passed away on 30 June 2014 in Newcastle (UK), after returning from a holiday to Asia and the Far East
(that included a stopover in Hong Kong) with a severe skin infection.

Obelix was a South Side hasher who ran with WH3 in the early years and has 32 runs and 2 harings recorded up to the 1990 AGM.

John "Boring Old Fart (aka BOF)" Lane

Passed away on 26 October 2013 in Scotland, after being diagnosed with cancer just a few months earlier.

BOF was a regular on WH3 for many years, including while living and working in Taiwan, with 420 runs and 11 harings recorded.

Derek "Dribble Dick" Dixon

Passed away on 15 October 2013 after a long and brave fight against cancer.

Dribble was on WH3 run #1 and was a regular Wanchai hasher with 842 runs and 36 harings recorded.

Mike "Vomit" Brown

Passed away on 20 September 2013 while hiking in the mountains between Switzerland and Italy.

Vomit was on WH3 run #1 and while not a regular Wanchai hasher does have 108 runs recorded.

Ellen "Deep Throat" Marshment

Passed away early February 2013 after suffering a major brain aneurysm.

Deep Throat, later known as Hungry Bum, ran with Wanchai Hash in the early years with 76 runs recorded. After leaving Hong Kong she was actively involved with Bangkok, Manila and Singapore hashes. She visited Hong Kong and WH3 for a final time in May 2010.

George "Kalbo" Meek

Passed away around the Autumn of 2012 in La Union, Philippines.

Kalbo ran with Wanchai Hash in the early years and has 159 runs and 8 harings recorded.

Lynn "Toy Boy" Morrison

Passed away on 05 May 2012 after a long and brave fight against cancer.

Toy Boy, later known as Co-Hare, was a South Side hasher who ran with Wanchai in the early years with 140 runs and 5 harings recorded up to the 1995 AGM. He moved to China for a number of years but added another 5 runs on his relocation back to HK in the years before his passing.

Nori "S.A.M.D.I.M." Norita

Passed away on 15 June 2009 at hospital in her home country of Indonesia.

SAM DIM (Slap A Macau D*ck In Me) did not like her earlier name, Slappa, or the replacement, Slappa D*ck In Me, but after an away trip to Macau the extended version was somehow acceptable, but maybe just because SAM DIM also sounds like 3 o'clock in Cantonese.

SAM DIM began hashing with WH3 in 2004 and has 186 runs and 14 harings recorded in the few years she was with us.
She was also Hash Cash, Hash Stash and Hash Flash during that time.

C.P. "Humpty Dumpty" Lam

Passed away in November 2007.

Humpty Dumpty was Hong Kong Chinese and an ex-mariner who lost much of his hearing while working in the boiler rooms. As a single man and with no relatives WH3 became his family. He joined the hash in the early years and was a regular from then on with 327 runs recorded. Unfortunately he lost a leg in a car accident during a business trip to China but that did not stop him coming along on Sundays with armfulls of pictures (mainly of the harriettes) to hand out and camera in hand to do it all again. The annual hash magazines would also have been rather plain without his photos to help fill the pages and bring back the memories.

Daniel "Heidi" Hess

No further details known.

Rowland "Thunderballs" Hastings

No further details known.

Peter Borchers

No further details known.