The T8 Hash was formed by Tim Bywater-Lees and Tymon Mellor in 1993, with the first run in August 1995 in tropical storm Helen. The two year interval, confirmed that the hash was the most unpredictable hash in the world. The T8 hash only runs when the Hong Kong Typhoon 8 signal (or higher) is raised, we run for fun when every one else runs for cover.

The idea of running in the wind came from a successful Wanchai Hash during Typhoon Dot on 26 September 1993 (also the run where Tymon met his future wife!). When a typhoon approaches Hong Kong the city shuts down and batten the hatches, so there is nothing else to do but run and drink.

OnOn into the eye of the storm!

T8 raised before / at 8:00am meet at noon.
 ** No run if the signal comes down before 11:00 am **

T8 raised after 8:00am and before / at 3:00pm, meet at 4:00pm.

T8 raised after 3:00pm meet the next day at noon, if signal still up at 11:00am.
** No run if the signal comes down before 11:00 am **

For updates during a typhoon see the T8 Facebook Group

Current GM: Hopeless

Next Run:

Run: #26

Date: * When The Wind Blows *

Hare(s): Burning Lust

Location: Tin Hau Temple, Tin Hau Temple Road, Tin Hau

Directions: MTR (blue Island line) to Tin Hau Temple station.
Follow markings from Exit A.


Tin Hau Temple

Drag the map around to find the 'blue' place-marker that shows the run start location.
Red place-markers are bus-stop / MTR / ferry locations.
You can also 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' using the '+' and '-' buttons.

Last Run:

Hare(s): Wrong Kok and WTFIC?

Location: Tsuen King Circuit Sports Centre, Tsuen Wan

Date: Sunday, 15 October 2017