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T8H3 Run #01

Storm: Severe Tropical Storm HELEN

Date: 12 August 1995

Location: Kowloon Tong MTR

Hare(s): Gattling Gob and Ding-a-Ling

Storm Troopers

35 in attendance

Name Hash Name Home Hash
Amparo Voigt x WH3
Angus ? x N2TH3
Anna Liza x N2TH3
Anton Whiley x WH3
Brad Mollar Motormouth N2TH3
Chris Edwards Nancy Bush WH3
Colin Robson Twanx WH3
Dave Gow Lap Sap N2TH3
David Barker Lucky WH3
David Rule Cabbage Patch S2H3
Derek Dixon Dribble D*ck WH3
Don Holland Soleless N2TH3
Elam Peso 69 WH3
Hannes Niggli x N2TH3
Helen Ho x N2TH3
Ian Anderson Siegfried N2TH3
James Campbell Judas WH3
Jean-Marie Hannon Mr Sheen N2TH3
Keith Keown Ice Man WH3
Lance Robertson x WH3
Luigi Martunesi Pussolini S2H3
Martin Lutzen Camel S2H3
Neil Thomason Fanny Sniffer WH3
Pat Fenlon Chillie Willie N2TH3
Patrick Voigt x WH3
Rachel Walker Shortcut N2TH3
Remy Devlieghere x N2TH3
Richard Corser Big D*ck N2TH3
Stephen Mullar Boy N2TH3
Steven Argles Car Thief N2TH3
Tim Bywater-Lees Gattling Gob T8H3
Tony Caplan Nana WH3
Trevor Normaton Antique WH3
Tymon Mellor Ding-a-Ling T8H3
Yvonne Dixon Driblet WH3

Storm Signals

Stand-by Signal No. 1 was hoisted at 4:00pm on 09 August

Strong Wind Signal No. 3 was hoisted at 5:45am on 11 August

Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 NORTHEAST was hoisted at 10:30pm on 11 August

Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 NORTHWEST was hoisted at 4:30am on 12 August

Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 SOUTHWEST was hoisted at 9:45am on 12 August

Strong Wind Signal No. 3 was hoisted at 2:15pm on 12 August

All signals were lowered at 5:30pm

The Warning

The Weather Map

The Event