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T8H3 Run #03

Storm: Typhoon SIBYL

Date: 03 October 1995

Location: Fanling KCR

Hare(s): Gattling Gob

Storm Troopers

34 in attendance

Name Hash Name Home Hash
Anita Cooney Double Down Honey WH3
Chris Cooney Dangerman WH3
Chris Higgins Won Hung Low N2TH3
David Barker Lucky WH3
David Rule Cabbage Patch S2H3
Derek Dixon Dribble Dick WH3
Don Holland Soleless N2TH3
Eddie Deane Fart Simpson WH3
Elam Peso 69 WH3
Faye Mellor Overdue WH3
Gary ? Tin Man x
Gong Mun Anus x
Hannes Niggli Niggled N2TH3
Ian Macleod x x
Jo Burgos Chuck WH3
John Edmunds Letch N2TH3
John Gold Duke of Puke S2H3
John Lane BOF WH3
Keith Keown Cockenroe WH3
Maggi Reynolds Motormouth WH3
Mike Lockwood Beetlenut WH3
Mikey Hung 69K N2TH3
Pat Fenlon Chillie Willie N2TH3
Patrick Voigt x WH3
Robert Kirby Holiday Inn WH3
Ronnaugh Macleod x x
Sandra Chapman Mushroom WH3
Stewart Primrose Primo S2H3
Teresa Yu Ting Tong WH3
Tim Bywater-Lees Gatting Gob T8H3
Tom Finkie x WH3
Tymon Mellor Ding-a-Ling T8H3
Yvonne Dixon Driblet WH3
x The Sikh x

Storm Signals

Stand-by Signal No. 1 was hoisted at 5:45pm on 01 October

Strong Wind Signal No. 3 was hoisted at 12:30pm on 02 October

Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 SOUTHEAST was hoisted at 5:10am on 03 October

Strong Wind Signal No. 3 was hoisted at 11:30am on 03 October

All signals were lowered at 8:45pm on 03 October

Storm Report

"Let’s toast the loonies who make it tomorrow" I said. And by God we did and a few more as well (I wasn't paying). We gambled and we won with a T8 hoisted at 5 am the next morning. Unfortunately I missed the 6 o'clock news by a minute. That bastard on the radio knew I was awaiting those fateful words. And I knew he knew. And he knew I knew. Did he show mercy on this wasted wretch? Like hell - there's no mercy in HK. So of course he delayed the announcement for a few songs. Trapped in bed with 15 minutes to catch the company bus. After the second song I was out, putting on the tie and pouring black coffee down the Calcutta sewer which was now my gob. As I peaked on post booze disorder, the all clear was sounded. Bastard!! I staggered back to bed and let sibyl wreck her spleen on the faulty towers of HK.

At 11 am the doorman gave the traditional morning greeting "Cheseen Gwaillo" as I headed for the KCR. Fanling for Christ sake I thought. Lucky wasn't so lucky as he caught a waft of my disheveled bowls on the silver bullet heading North.

Despite wind and rain you can't keep the HK populace down. A busy Fanling paid tribute to "the few" dressed in typhoon chasing gear (Hash T-shirts and knackered Nikes). Unfortunately Sibyl started to wear a bit thin as we waited for the Hare with only a lonely "T8" scribbled on the West wall of Fanling KCR.

Impatience got the better of us and at 12.30 we headed left looking for chalk (cheers to the girls for looking after our gear- not that many would want to nick a towel and a fresh jock strap). We picked up chalk on the other side of the Tai Po highway and headed up Kei Lak Tsai Hill. Like all women, moody old Sibyl gave us what we wanted when we begged for it. The wind picked up and it pissed down. ONUP! as we passed the four stages of enlightenment: the material world of new town Fanling, ONUP! to the shanty town of poverty. ONUP! to where old flickers stretch in the morning and finally ONUP! and off concrete. back to nature as we reached the peak to be confronted by a howling blast of fresh air (YES FRESH AIR FOLKS) coming over the top of the mountains. I breathed deep and felt free of this mortal coil. To top it all, their was some local standing on top of the concrete trig point on the summit. After a mutual "who the fuck are you", there was a communal understanding as the gale eddied around our drenched bodies.

Freedom till a deft elbow to the head from the squaddie profiled Cabbage and On Right along the ridge. Up and down a Ho Chi Min like trail as dogs and cats of outrageous fortune pelted us with a fury. The blobs of flour turned to soggy pancakes. ON SOGGY PANCAKE! for 2 klicks and a bastard Check which had us running back and turning right again and down to wards the Experimental farm (where I’m informed by Mushroom carries out torture to our fungal friends).

The wind swept scene before me reminded me of my time in the Falklands before I was captured by the Argies and ended up in a corn beer factory for the rest of the war (I can reveal it is actually penguin) ON UP! again until Check. Beatlenut found the trail heading down to the dogs. By god there were dogs every where. No peace for the wicked. We eventually reached Fan Kam Road and again ON RIGHT! through the golf course which was totally flooded. The Hash was well and truly strung out but people were in the spirit of things and danced to Sibyl’s merry tune. What could be wrong?

Plenty buster! On reaching the Tai Po Road the shit hit the fan (or the lap sup hit the typhoon for you locals). Some saw the distant beacon like gleam of the KCR and head for that. Other headed right. Someone had stolen our soggy pancakes (Sibyl!!!)

Those of us who headed for the faint gleam of hope were soon to end up at Sheung Shui Station (one stop up from Fanling). BOLLOCKS!!. Some broke down and used devious means to get home. We won’t mention the one who took a taxi but he is a well tanned gentlemen. Others fought on and charged on to the Tai Po highway (Cheseen Gwailo) heading south to Fanling. The Hash was coming together for the ON IN! - a good 75 minute run in excellent conditions.

Wet but triumphant. The best T8 to date - well done to the hare. A second pack started late, led by no other than Dangerman turned up 10 minutes later. Sibyl relented and we headed to the park for the Down Down!. And no we wouldn’t pay Fart’s taxi bill!

Plenty of virgins, a visitor and even a birthday. Then it was off to the local dai py dong where we were ripped off. 45 bucks for as much as you can eat and that included the beer. How gwai ahh!!!


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