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T8H3 Run #17

Storm: Typhoon KAMMURI

Date: 06 August 2008

Location: Tai Wai KCR

Hare(s): Eunuch + LSG + Go West

The Run

Nice to see the Observatory getting it right this time and keeping the T8 signal up for the better part of the day. Unlike Fengshen, a T3 & 5/8's disappointment where the signal was brought down at 11.15 and forced most hashers back to work (and the poor hare to set the trail and forever be known as the T3 hare) Kammuri saw hordes of happy hashers arriving at Tai Wai with that Saturday feeling.

At the start, interim hare Go West seemed a little more confused than normal, perhaps pondering why the Typhoon had been named after his missus. As he headed out South with the flour along Hung Mui Kok Road the pack could hardly hold their containment, despite throngs of hashers still arriving off the latest KCR.

On to the trail and Go West was eventually spotted, this time looking even more confused. Turns out he couldn't find the Yellow Pages used by fellow hares Eunuch and Lap Sap Gow to mark the trail. Eventually the correct trail is found via the Escort & Massage section of YP which were reported to have been rapidly picked up by... ... ... now which hash chapters aren't used to female company! An exquisite switch back stony path brings us out onto the boring section of the Wilson trail where we immediately turn up towards the Lion Rock section of the Maclehose.

Typhoon Kummari was behaving as expected, light winds and a few occasional downpours were all that was thrown at us. Fortunately the hares had created excitement enough with a thrilling and tricky downhill section back on to the Wilson Trail. One naive hasher even thought that the hares had put the ropes up for the rocky descent!

On the flat road of the Wilson we had the worst crash of the day, actually that should be I had after losing grip on a metal sheet and wiping out across the concrete. Go West almost had a more spectacular fall into a concrete drainage channel, but only just managed to hold it together.

A steep muddy descent ensured several muddy backsides before the long run in via Che Kung Mui Road with FRB's back in just over an hour and fifteen and the pack in close attendance. At the end of the day and not to mention the beers! The best T8 trail that I can remember being on - wait a minute was I on it?... ... ... Damn! That always happens!

Storm Troopers

45 recorded...

Eunuch, N2TH3 Rapunzel, N2TH3 Liberace, N2TH3 Desperate Dan, N2TH3
Chatroom Paedophile, LSWH3 Smallbone, RS2H3 Motor Mouth, WH3 Master Wanker, WH3
Filthy Festering Felch Monster, LSWH3 Haggis Humper, WH3 Lap Sup Gow, N2TH3 Shut the F*ck Up!, N2TH3
Serge, RS2H3 Rocky, N2TH3 Hopeless, HKFH3 Emma Royde, WH3
Pussy Weasle, T8H3 NMA, WH3 Old Sock, WH3 T Bone, H4
Nick, H4 James, H4 Blow Torch, WH3 Not Important, LSWH3
Strap on Sally, LSWH3 Rita, FCH3 Pete, FCH3 Kareem, FCH3
Groper, LSWH3 Dave, LSWH3 2 Mature, LH4 Legal Flea, RS2H3
Captain Pubic Hare, LSWH3 Dr Evil, WH3 Cream, N2TH3 Go West, N2TH3
Inflate-a-date, RS2H3 Community Chest, WH3 Bwaer Wabbit, WH3 D Ram, N2TH3
Tight Clit, WH3 Gunpowder Plod, SKSH3 Farty Pants, N2TH3 Walky Talky, N2TH3
Ding a Ling, N2TH3