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T8H3 Run #18

Storm: Typhoon NURI

Date: 22 August 2008

Location: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay

Hare(s): Strap on Sally & Not Important

The Run

An incredible turnout at Victoria Park for Typhoon Nuri as the T8 hash continued to attract media attention. With the cameras of TVB rolling and Typhoon Nuri blowing a pack of around 80 were dispatched into the elements and on out towards Tin Hau.

After a little bit of uncertainty the trail winded on out via Tin Hau temple and on up to Yee King Road. Washed out markings stuffed everybody up on a hillside path before trail was found further up the road. Eventually it was on up the hillside with an ascent through the old squatter village and up to the trails of Braemar Hill. An exquisite shiggy section over the top followed before dropping back down to Sir Cecils ride and back to Braemar Hill. From there it was on down via a riverbed section before another media moment with the Strap-On transplanted TVB crew as Nuri also got in on the action with an uprooted a tree.

All in all a very enjoyable 90 minute run of just over 10k with a major challenge for the beer reserves as thirsty hashers proceeded to drink the T8 hash dry.

The T8 is not normally a naming hash, however after Pussy Weasle at Typhoon Kummari a new trend seems to have started. Our resident Dutch visitor Serge, lucky enough to experience two T8 hashes in his short visit was named Dyke Boy. And Kareem was prised away from the TVB cameras for just long enough for him to be named Media Whore. He'll probably be an anchorman by the time the next T8 blows by.

Storm Troopers

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