Well you simply haven't been running fast enough and Covid's caught us up. So it's with real deep sorrow that we have to suspend the drinking club with a running problem once more.

The Hong Kong government continue to work hard towards the day that we can all say that the situation is normal, whatever normal will become!
Small social groups in line with the government regulations continue to exercise in an unofficial capacity to maintain their athlete physic.

The new committee will continue to monitor the government announcements, and as soon as there is a glimmer of hope to once again met, socialize and drink a down down to the demise of Covid we will!
On on... stay safe, we will win, its only a matter of WHEN !

Regards, the new Mis-Management of WH3.

The Mismanagement & Committee will not be held responsible in any way shape or form for accidents, injuries and misdemeanors which occur whilst hashing on Wan Chai Hash. You carry out this activities totally at your own risk.